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Spirit Tea

Spirit Tea is an American Tea Company dedicated to preserving the integrity of tea from cultivation to preparation, infusion, and experience. We work with farmers seasonally to identify the finest and most uncommon varieties. We highlight the natural flavors of the plant and recognize the craft of processing, always free of additives or flavorings.

hi-fi cookies

HiFi Cookies is a modern cookie company based in Nashville, TN and born out of a love of music, the folks we share it with, and of course, sugar! Our mission is to make fun, delicious, and creative cookies. Our inspiration comes from our favorite childhood classics like Fruity Pebbles, Cosmic Brownies, and of course, Chocolate Chip Cookies. Just like the hook to a great song, our cookies stick with you long after they’re gone!

Lulu’s Bakery Memphis

Lulu’s is a Memphis based co-op bakery dedicated to using the best vegan ingredients to create delicious and hearty pastries and breads. Their baked goods are so delectable that even non-vegans ask for them by name. Lulu’s is dedicated to sustainability by encouraging Memphis to eat delicious plant-based food that will satisfy all your cravings!