Low Fi Coffee

Low fi partners


Our mission is to give back to the community, while using the most sustainable methods possible, and choosing the highest quality products and partners for our shop.


community partners


The Refugee Empowerment program of memphis

REP is a team of individuals committed to empowering refugees and immigrants in Memphis. They provide a multitude of different empowerment programs and services focused on education, mentorship, social and emotional development, leadership, community building, cultural navigation, cultural acclimation, self-actualization, and self-sufficiency.

The unapologetic youth scholarship fund

The Unapologetic Youth Scholarship is a program dedicated to supporting, valuing, and uplifting the ideas & visions of young rappers. This amazing scholarship for Memphis youth inspires and encourages high-school aged teens to pursue their music career dreams by supporting them with resources and production support from Memphis born Unapologetic Label.

Street Dog Foundation

Street Dog Foundation has rescued more than 750 endangered dogs from the streets and shelters of Memphis, all without a dedicated structure to house them. Streetdog relies on volunteer foster families to not only provide homes for our dogs, but also give them the love, security, and confidence they need to succeed in their forever homes.

sustainability partners


Compost Fairy

The Compost Fairy is dedicated to short-circuiting the home-to-landfill pipeline status quo in waste management. By allowing our material to decompose naturally on the surface (not buried deep within a landfill) our process encourages healthy aerobic microbes (the good guys) to break down food into helpful compost.


Greenware products are entirely made from plants. No petroleum. Greenware cups, lids, portion cups and on-the-go boxes are BPI certified to be 100% compostable in industrial facilities Their PLA products are made with Ingeo™ biopolymer, a PLA resin derived from annually-renewable plants. Not only are you working hard for the environment, but you're also supporting the local economy with our U.S.-based manufacturing facilities.

Project Greenfork

Project Green Fork contributes to a more sustainable mid-south by helping reduce environmental impacts with a focus on strengthening homegrown restaurants. Project Green Fork helps local businesses in the service industry operate more sustainably. Frequenting PGF certified establishments, supports local businesses and promotes environmental sustainability.

product partners


Spirit Tea

Spirit Tea is an American Tea Company dedicated to preserving the integrity of tea from cultivation to preparation, infusion, and experience. We work with farmers seasonally to identify the finest and most uncommon varieties. We highlight the natural flavors of the plant and recognize the craft of processing, always free of additives or flavorings.

hi-fi cookies

HiFi Cookies is a modern cookie company based in Nashville, TN and born out of a love of music, the folks we share it with, and of course, sugar! Our mission is to make fun, delicious, and creative cookies. Our inspiration comes from our favorite childhood classics like Fruity Pebbles, Cosmic Brownies, and of course, Chocolate Chip Cookies. Just like the hook to a great song, our cookies stick with you long after they’re gone!

Lulu’s Bakery Memphis

Lulu’s is a Memphis based co-op bakery dedicated to using the best vegan ingredients to create delicious and hearty pastries and breads. Their baked goods are so delectable that even non-vegans ask for them by name. Lulu’s is dedicated to sustainability by encouraging Memphis to eat delicious plant-based food that will satisfy all your cravings!

ingredient partners


Askinose chocolate

Askinosie Chocolate was born committed to fairness, sustainability, minimal environmental impact, and community enhancement. Those commitments will be in place as long as the company is. We’re dedicated not just to making the best quality chocolate you can buy, but to making it in such a way that the more you learn about it, the better you feel about it. We have always believed what we pay farmers matters. Without them we have nothing. Literally.

Minor FIgures

As food and drink consumers demand higher quality through simple natural ingredients, fewer additives, no preservatives, provenance and authenticity, we highly value craftsmanship, people, quality and of course sustainability. And we wish for our products to be delicious and nutritious. We would love for Minor Figures to help end war, or poverty, or green the economy, so that nothing we do does harm to our planet and the people we love. Maybe that’s what we do next...

Over yonder ice cream

A Memphis based small-batch ice cream company with a focus on unique and quality organic ingredients. With favorites like Tahitian Vanilla + Goat Caramel, and Cereal Milk Ice Cream, we can’t get enough of their creamy frozen goodness. Also served in small portions perfect for an afternoon affogato!