You can make a good cup of coffee with anything, if you understand the variables. Coffee is not about the equipment you use, but the knowledge and care you use while making it. In a world where its increasingly hard to distinguish between style and substance, we're here to help you find your coffee love.

At Low Fi Coffee we believe that taste is everything, and it starts with the beans. Where are they from? How are they roasted? How are they extracted into that golden liquid we love so much? These are a few of the questions we ask to achieve a cup with maximal flavor and minimal bitterness. We believe coffee deserves to shine through and stand tall on our palates, without the facade of additives and sweeteners. A single coffee bean passes through dozens of hands before it makes it to your cup, and we believe that effort deserves respect, a little reverence, and a platform to shine. 


Low Fi Coffee is owned and operated by barista husband and wife duo David Pender and Bailey Biggers who recently moved to Memphis on a whim and fell in love with the city.  Southern hospitality + West Coast training.


ADJ: creatively and independently made with a focus on substance rather than means.

ORIGIN 1950s: English, used to describe music that was recorded and produced with basic equipment, thus having a raw sound


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