Low Fi Coffee Catering


Want to brighten up your baby-shower?  Need to wow folks at your fundraiser?  It's all in the details!

Low Fi Coffee can come straight to you with equipment thats used by the best professionals in the biz.  We can lavish your guests with lovely cappuccino (latte art and all), or pull single-origin espresso shots as we taste and talk about our favorite subject: Coffee!  Whether you want to be pampered with a latte or pumped-up with espresso, we are your coffee dream come true!

We have espresso bar pricing for 50-300 people from 2 hrs. to all day events, starting at $350.  The best baristas in Memphis, and unlimited drinks.  It's a win/win!


Tell us what you're lookin' for, and we'll take care of ya'!

Nice to meet you! *
Nice to meet you!
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